I arrived in Pepin, WI this afternoon after flying from Los Angeles to Minneapolis this morning. I had to check six cases of video equipment onto the airplane. The good news is that it all seems to have arrived in good shape.

The drive into Pepin is a narrow country highway. The leaves are still beautiful so I should get some great shots tomorrow. Before going to the Pepin Motel for the night I made the 7 mile drive from Pepin to the Wayside Little House. Its simple but very pretty setting. Tomorrow I’m hoping to get inside the replica log cabin. In addition we will be shooting stands of native trees to simulate The Big Woods and Lake Pepin before departing for Spring Valley, MS in the early afternoon.

I love being out here… Laura’s story awaits.



  1. Rebecca Says:

    We’re all excited about your newest project!

  2. Lorrie Rumpf Says:

    Oh wow…you are back in Wisconsin again? It’s too bad you didn’t make the pilgimage a couple weeks earlier the tree folige would have been so much more vibrant in the “Big Woods”. Enjoy your stay in Pepin, I wish I could make the trip over there and see what you’re up to. I guess I will just have to wait for the dvd.

    Good Luck and stay dry… it’s really raining in this part of the state.

  3. Beth Ingalls Leisses Says:

    Dean! You are back in Wisconsin….some people find it difficult to stay away from our beautiful state…are you one of those? Some of us enjoyed Pepin again last fall on our Little House Trek. Little did we know that you would be “following in our footsteps”! Enjoy your time there because it is beautiful country, but I just hope the weather is cooperating. I can’t wait for the dvd.

  4. legacydoc Says:

    My first day shooting was wet and snowy, but my host in Pepin, David Smith, got me to all the places I needed to see to cover the story points we needed. I’d love to see Pepin in the summer. While it was cold and wet, Pepin is clearly a beautiful spot to visit. When I checked in at the Pepin Museum this morning I was pleased to see that Melissa Gilbert and members of the LHOP musical cast had been there just two days before. What are the odds?

    After working hard to keep the camera dry I left for Rochester, MN. On the way the rain turned to snow and so I pulled off onto a side road and captured some beautiful shots of snow drifting through the trees. The build up was pretty dramatic. In less than an hour there were several inches of snow on the ground…covering the branches trees and dried corn stalks in the fields. It was stunning. For mid-west residents it was just a too-early snow fall, For me it was a treat.

    Tomorrow morning I’ll be in Spring Valley and in Burr Oak tomorrow afternoon. More later…


  5. Carrie F Says:

    Until recently, the appearance of the fluffy white stuff has always alluded me. While it would have been great to capture the beauty of the Little House Wayside environs in all its fall splendor…..a wet location can lend itself to all manner of unique and beautiful images, which I am sure you have captured.

    In hearing about the recent early snowfall, my hope is that it continues to provide a stunning backdrop and does not impede production to any significant extent.

    Carrie F

  6. Martha Says:

    Wow, Dean, it seems your shooting expedition turns out to be a real adventurous journey.
    Although I would love to see the Wayside Little House and its surroundings in all its fall beauty, the cold and wet weather and snow will show the difficulty for a family to survive under even miserable circumstances.
    You had to work hard to keep your camera dry – they had to work hard to keep themselves and their cabin dry and warm over the winter….

    Stay safe, Dean!


  7. Cheryl Malandrinos Says:

    I remember you saying that fall is your favorite time of year, but how about a snowy fall? LOL! We’ve already had flurries this month, which is unusual, so I guess the weatherman might be right and this will be an early and long winter.

    Glad to hear that your travel has been safe so far. I’m excited that you and the crew are working on this project. Will Katherine be helping with the narration again? She has a lovely voice and it’s perfect for these docs.

    Best of luck and wishing you a safe and productive journey.

    All my best,


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