February 13, 2008 is the 151st birthday of Almanzo James Wilder.  Happy Birthday, Almanzo!  Almanzo’s early life was memorably recounted by his wife, Laura, in her second Little House book, Farmer Boy. As many of you now know Legacy Documentaries is producing ALMANZO WILDER: LIFE BEFORE LAURA celebrating his early life in Burke, NY.  In December we announced that the program would be released in March of this year, but several weeks ago we determined that we needed delay release in order to include some additional details of great significance to Almanzo’s life.   We’ve posted a new video at our YouTube site, DeanBLegacy, in order to celebrate Almanzo’s birthday and announce the revised release date of our documentary program.  We are incredibly excited to be able to offer Little House enthusiasts this never before seen view of Almanzo’s childhood on the farm.  The additional footage we’ll be adding will be shot this summer at the Wilder Homestead and incorporated into the final program in time for our planned September release.   Please spread the word to your Laura Ingalls Wilder friends…ALMANZO WILDER: LIFE BEFORE LAURA is coming in September. Happy Birthday, Almanzo… Dean 

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  1. Jenny Says:

    This is very exciting Dean and something I’m sure we’re all anxiously looking forward to! I think it’s wonderful that Almanzo’s life is still being celebrated, 151 years later!


  2. Martha Says:


    I already spread the word to the german friends of Little House.

    You can’t imagine how anxious I am looking forward to the release of the Almanzo dvd. I know it will be a wonderful documentation and well worth waiting for longer than expected, even it’s a very hard test for my patience.

    best wishes

  3. Cheryl C. Malandrinos Says:

    While the delay is disappointing, we know that we will be delighted with the finished product when it’s available. Thanks for keeping the Divas up to date on this project. We are all very excited about it.

    Happy Birthday to Almanzo Janes Wilder, the man you brought to life for us on Little House. May the Wilder legacy continue for many years to come.


  4. Lorrie Rumpf Says:

    Happy Birthday Almanzo !! I can’t wait for the DVD release Dean, I am sure the extra footage will be well worth any extra time we have to wait. A September release will make it just in time for a birthday present to myself. I am such a lucky girl!!


  5. Martha Says:

    Happy Birthday, “Farmer Boy”!


  6. Mary Says:

    Dear Mr. Butler,

    Thank you so much for this blog! I am looking forward to the dcocumentary.

    I have posted about Almanzo (and the documentary) on my blog. It seemed like the perfect day for it!


  7. Kelly Says:

    i’ll spread the word to anyone i know who likes little house on the prairie. sounds like a ver interesting DVD, that will give us insight on the real almanzo wilder. i really enjoy reading your blog and all the interesting things about little house on the prairie.

    i am still waiting for my digital autograph.

  8. Martha Says:

    Dear Dean!


    The german LH-fans from

  9. legacydoc Says:


    There are a number of people waiting for digital autographs…could all those who have asked and not yet received their digital autographs please resend me email addresses I’ll get them done ASAP. Please send to

    Happy Valentines Day to all…


  10. Paula King Says:

    I know that I had also heard LHOP was to have new DVD releases in March. Are they tied to this project as well so they will not be released until September? Weren’t you working on something with the new DVD’s, too? I’M SOOOOOO CONFUSED!!!!

  11. legacydoc Says:


    The only new releases I’m talking about at this blog are for my DVD program entitled ALMANZO WILDER: LIFE BEFORE LAURA. We were originally going to release in March of 2008, but when we decided to add a more realistic look at the lifestock on the Wilder Farm we needed to delay release until next September. As noted in our online video, we’re going back to Northern New York this summer to shoot horses, oxen, sheep, etc, which are being brought to the farm just for this purpose.

    Hope this clears things up for you…and others.


  12. Hugo Says:

    It’s a great-lookin’ preview, Dean. Looking forward to the final cut!

  13. Cheryl C. Malandrinos Says:


    I finally had a chance to view the update you posted on YouTube. I’m excited about the additions to the footage and will do my best to wait patiently for this DVD release.

    Best of luck!


  14. Farm House Says:

    Hey! I found your blog via Google while searching for farm house and your post regarding S 151ST BIRTHDAY – looks very interesting to me

  15. Kathy, Pres. Almanzo & Laura Ingalls Wilder Assoc. Says:

    Thank you for all your work and support in producing the upcoming documentary, “Almanzo Wilder, Life Before Laura.” The Wilder Assoc. is very excited about this project and, although the release had to be postponed, we know that inclusion of the animals, especially the Morgan horses, is vital to the completion of the story of Almanzo’s life. We look forward to your second visit to the Wilder Homestead on June 21.
    We hope Wilder fans will join us for the Celebration of the 75th Anniversary of the Publication by HarperCollins of Farmer Boy happening at the Wilder Homestead in Burke, NY on SATURDAY, JUNE 21.
    We are especially excited to announce that in addition to your appearance, visitors will have the opportunity to meet William Anderson, author of numerous books about the Wilder and Ingalls families, and Barbara Walker, author the The Little House Cookbook.
    The lastest addition to our event became possible this week with the birth of twin red oxen calves christened Star and Bright, who will make their initial appearance at the Wilder Homestead on June 21!! An adult oxen pair will also perform for visitors.
    We hope Wilder fans will be able to join us on Saturday, June 21 and encourage everyone to visit our website or call the Wilder Homestead – 518.483.1207; 866.438.FARM for more details.
    Thanks to you and Katherine and all the Wilder fans for their encouragement and support.

  16. Lee Mitchelson Says:

    Hello! I have written several emails already, here and there, to tell people that I am the fortunate artist who gets to paint Almanzo Wilder’s Morgan horse pair, as part of the huge “Le Cadeau Du Cheval” (The Horse Gift) Mural which will be unveiled shortly after the new release date of the Almanzo Wilder DVD!
    So, I have been asking for advice, and other assistance. I have just begun my search for the references I need in order to do this work — if available, photos of the two horses, and photos of the harnesses for historical accuracy. I can’t travel to Almanzo’s farm, myself. If I could I would snap some photos of those harnesses! I have seen one photo that looked like one of the two horses was a very dark bay and the other, lighter. And I assume, no white markings? If anyone knows a specific episode of the tv series that was especially good about showed Almanzo’s team in authentic harnesses for the time period, I would try to get it. Anything at all would be so helpful. I do have to finish this art by July first. If anybody wants to give me guidance or a hand with this, please write me? Someone going to the farm soon? Thanks! Lee Mitchelson at The horse mural website is

  17. Martha Says:

    Lieber Dean!


    Dear Dean, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!

    Diva “wildcat” Martha
    and the german, austrian and swiss fans from

  18. Almanzo's#1fan Says:

    happy birthday Dean! I hope you have a great one! make sure to check your mail too, I sent something special for your birthday! “smiles” have an awesome day Dean, your a very great person, and friend. happy birthday from me

  19. Lorrie Rumpf Says:

    Happy Birthday Dean I hope you find yourself surrounded by those you love on your special day!! Don’t work too hard today!!


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